December 17, 2014
Eat This, Not That for the Holidays

The holidays are all about celebrating. And what does one think of when one thinks of celebrations? Food and drinks of course! (Not to mention friends, family and laughter!)


Don't get stuck throwing your holiday calories away on things you don't enjoy.  


Here are a few choices you can make that are lower calorie than their similar counterparts. Keep in mind that these foods are still treats, and should be used sparingly to avoid holiday weight gain.


Instead of: 1 cup Egg Nog = 225 calories

Pick this: 1 cup Apple Cider = 120 calories

Even better: 1 cup sparkling water mixed with 1/2 cup orange juice and 1 slice orange wedge = 50 calories


Instead of: 1 piece (1/8) pecan pie = 500 calories

Pick this: 1 piece (1/8) pumpkin pie without toppings = 325 calories

Even better: Don't eat the crust and save 120 calories!


Instead of: 1 cup caramel corn = 150-250 calories (depending on variety)

Pick this: 1 cup popcorn, plain = 30 calories


 *Note: calorie content listed above is approximate. Check food labels for accurate nutrition information*


Remember, these foods are holiday treats. Treats, alcohol and other non-nutritious calories should be included at most as 10-20% of your calories for health and weight maintenance. For tips on planning for weight management during a busy holiday season, see the Holiday Weight Maintenance Worksheet in the latest issue of the PRO Pulse: (page 39).


Happy holidays!


Written by Erika Brown

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