October 8, 2014
Attend a 20/20 "Cooking Class"

The holidays are fast approaching, which can be frightening for anyone with health goals on their mind. The holidays tend to be filled with food-centered events, treats and comfort food meals galore. Approach this holiday season well 'armed' with healthy holiday eats and treats by attending our Bite of 20/20 class for inspiration!


When it is:

    Tuesday, November 4 from 530-7p


Where it's at:

    Decathlon Room at Bellevue PRO Sports Club


What it's all about:

- Opportunity to expand your horizons, try new items and recipes

- Add to your healthy holiday menu, to use each winter season (help ward off unwanted holiday pounds!)

- A fun, low-key atmosphere. A great chance to chat with other 20/20 clients, alumni or PRO Club members


What you get:

- Sample entrees, appetizers, snacks, breakfasts, desserts and beverages from our Dietitian and Bistro teams. (All foods are 20/20-friendly)

- Recipes for what you have sampled plus where to find sample products

- A dinner date or night out with friends that is actually healthy!


Examples of past menu items:

- Ceviche cocktails

- Slow cooker balsamic chicken

- Whipped spinach and ricotta cake

- Protein apple cider muffins

- Blue cheese stuffed dates

- Ice box cocoa truffles

.... and more! (Yum!)


The cost:

   $35 per person. Anyone is welcome to join, so bring a spouse or a friend!


How to register:

 - Visit the 20/20 Lifestyles Front Desk, Resource Center or call us at (425)861-6258 


Email your dietitian if you want more information, or if you have a specific question or concern!


Or you may find more information here.


We look forward to celebrating a healthy holiday season with you!

Written by Erika Brown

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