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October 1, 2014
Host a Healthy Halloween
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Halloween marks the start of the holiday season. It can feel overwhelming to plan a festive, fun but healthy party. Here are some ideas to try, which keep the fun of the season and the spookiness of the holiday, without focusing on a spread of processed foods:


Autumn-Style Trail Mix

- Mix Pumpkin seeds, lightly salted edamame, roughly chopped figs and cacao nibs for a healthier and seasonal twist


Orange Chocolate Bites

- Dip mandarin or satsuma orange sections in melted chocolate or dark chocolate for a lighter sweet treat


Festive Fall Sweet Potato Dip, with Veggies

- We love this recipe from Once Upon A Cutting Board's site, and would recommend serving it with a non-starchy veggie platter (veggies are great low-cal crunchy snacks for when the party is long and you're snacking more often): 


Savory Snack Bags

- Stuff mini orange bags with a serving (3 1/2 cups) of Skinny Pop brand light popcorn for a high-volume treat. Great for movie or game nights where it can be easy to over-do portions!


And if you're feeling extra crafty, check out these super-cute but healthy party menu items from Spoonful that are a festive feast for your eyes and taste buds!


How does your family celebrate Halloween? Share your tips, recipes or games with others here or on our Facebook site!


Happy Halloween!

Written by Erika Brown

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