September 24, 2014
Always Craving Something Sweet after Dinner?

It can be all too easy to get used to having a little something sweet after your meal. This habit can add unwanted calories to your diet, however, making it all too necessary for most to avoid doing every day. Here's a few tips for how to do this: 


First step is deciding you want to break this habit and form a new one. Once you're in and committed, it's time to develop a game plan. This includes finding a substitute that's as easy and rewarding to you as sweet treats are.


Some of my favorite examples: a relaxing hot shower, a quick walk with your significant other or pet, a favorite book or puzzle and a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea or decaf coffee, sugarless gum or a great tooth brushing after your meal.

Hint: licorice (think Good Earth brand!) mint, raspberry and cinnamon make especially great tea flavors for post-dinner cravings!


It also includes thoughtful planning around your environment. Think about the details, as they'll make a difference to how effective and easy this change is to make. Ex: where you're eating (next to the kitchen where your sweet stash is kept?) and who you eat with (a family member or friend can be a great support system for keeping you on track in the beginning).


Lastly, it requires a method of accountability. Tracking your food (including dessert) or putting $1 in a jar every time you say no to a sweet treat.


And remember, it never hurts to reward yourself for putting in the time and effort to make such a great, but challenging, nutrition and lifestyle change. That dollar jar has to go to something, after all! Spa day anyone?


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Written by Erika Brown

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