August 25, 2014
Should you post your workouts to Facebook?

Do you have that friend who constantly posts their workouts to Facebook? Or maybe they take a picture of the weights they are lifting and post is to Instagram? Do you comment on these posts, or do you think, “jeez, not another workout update. I don’t care about your fun time at the gym?” If you are not updating your friends about your progress in the gym, you should be. If your friends are the ones who say, “oh no, not another gym post,” then they will not be supportive in your healthy lifestyle, and you should consider hanging with new friends. The ecard picture that heads this blog is lame. Its sarcasms is poking fun at something that can be used for a great advantage. That ecard should really look like this:

If you are trying to make a change in your life and are making exercise a part of your lifestyle, social support is a huge help. If you are a private person and do not wish to share anything on social media, that is ok. I still urge you to share your progress and setbacks with your support team (you should have someone supporting you.) If you are a social media person and you share updates about your kids, work, hobbies, ice-bucket challenge, etc. then you should be sharing adventure stories about your epic workouts and the progress you are making.

Let’s take an example and say that you just posted a picture of yourself as a sweaty mess after you crushed your cardio or circuit training. There are two things that will probably happen: all of your supportive buddies will “like” and comment on your photo showing their support and motivating you to do it again, and all of the naysayers who do not share your enthusiasm for health will complain and moan to themselves about your lame workout picture and go back to not being awesome. I know that may sound harsh to the naysayers, but let me just call out all those people who have negative thoughts when someone makes a post about their progress. Naysayers: you are being lame. I used to be a naysayer, but realized how lame I was after joking about the absurd amount of posts one of my friends was making about their workout routine. At the time, I was not making time for my own workouts and was really just upset that they were doing something I knew I needed to do as well. My negative thoughts were a reflection of my negative feelings. Negative thoughts don’t breed positive results, so I got back on the happy train and made time to exercise. Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

Jaquelyn owns a gym back in Virginia. She gets after her workouts just like her clients. One way to keep them motivated is by sharing her own workouts, goals, struggles, and successes. At the moment, she is getting after her squats and is sharing her progress. And you know what, her friends and supporters want to get after their workouts even more. Jackie is fit and strong. She can squat over 200lbs… and when I read her workout posts I think, “What the heck did I do today?”

She notes that most people could care less, but she SHOULD be excited about her progress. Her effort is motivating. Her results are motivating. Please keep sharing. How about another example…
Brianna has been training at a CrossFit gym in Spokane and posts updates for her friends to see. And guess what, they support her! Like Jaquelyn, she gets after her weight lifting and really pushes herself. I can guess that she probably would not push herself as hard as she does were it not for her support group (the scientific term for this is social facilitation.) After lots of work and training, she has conquered another strength movement called a muscle up. This is an exercise where you do a pull-up and pull yourself into a dip. It is very hard and takes practice, effort, and focus. After accomplishing her first muscle up, she posted her video (screen shot below) and she SHOULD post about her epic progress. This is a time we can celebrate her achievement with her and root for her to keep going. Again, “what the heck did I do today?”


What did you do today? Did you do your first pull-up? Did you lose 2 more pounds? Did you run your first 5k? Post it. Share it. Let your friends support you and celebrate with you. If there is anyone who pokes fun at you for posting about your progress, your workouts, or what makes you happy, give them a mental kick to the liver and forget about them. Your journey will be long and hard and worth it. You will need support. So get support where you can. Your social network is a great place to gain support. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever else you choose. Shoot, you can even use a text message to send a note to your support team, or an email, or even a typewriter to write a letter. It does not matter, but get support and do work.
Thanks to Bri and Jackie for letting me share their pictures and for being so dang motivating.

Get to work, team! 

Written by Clark Masterson

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