July 2, 2014
Camp Food

In case this didn't already come across loud & clear in prior blogs, posts and other social media forms, 20/20 is all about planning ahead. We believe planning can benefit you in a multitude of ways: including preventing that 3-4 o'clock hunger pang, indulging in opportunistic eating (think eating something just because it's there) and, yes, camping!

Fill your cooler and backpacks with convenient but healthy foods like these, to stay healthy and energetic while enjoying a weekend in the great outdoors:



  1. Protein Cereal: pour 1 20/20 Ready to Drink Protein Shake (as 'milk') over 1 oz. cold cereal (such as Nature's Path or Kashi brand) and top with 1/2 c blueberries plus 1 tbsp ground flax, enjoy as 'cereal'
  2. Ready to Drink Protein Shake + 2 servings fruit (ex: whole banana or 1 c fruit) + Nuts (ex: 5 walnut halves or 10 peanuts)
  3. Quinoa or steel cut oats hot cereal, 100 cal pack (such as Better Oats or Arrowhead Mills brand) cooked, served with protein powder (mix 1 packet 2020 Protein Powder with ~1/3 c water until forms a 'paste', then mix into cooked cereal) and 5 walnut halves
  4. Protein Shakes: bring a hand mixer (or a large empty water bottle) and mix water with 20/20 Protein Powder, and enjoy 1/2 c fruit and 1 tbsp. nut butter or 12 almonds alongside
  5. Protein Pancakes: make ahead protein pancakes (mix 20/20 Protein Powder with 1/4 c liquid egg whites, 1/3 c water and cook on low-medium heat over griddle until cooked through), top with 1 tbsp. nut butter and 1/2 c berries then roll up and wrap with plastic to enjoy like a 'burrito'


  1. Ostrim brand Snack Sticks + Fruit (ex: cherries)
  2. Fruit (ex: apple) + Nuts (almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, etc.)
  3. Dried Chickpeas (Homemade or Biena brand) or Edamame (Crunchamame or Seapoint Farms brand)
  4. 20/20 Protein Bars
  5. Jerky (ex: Trader Joe's, PCC or Whole Foods 365 brands)  +  Fruit (ex: grapes)
  6. Light Cheeses (ex: Frigo light mozzarella)  +  Whole Grain Tortillas (ex: Mission Artisan Corn Wheat Blend)
  7. 20/20 Ready to Drink Protein Shake  +  Whole Grain Cereal (ex: Kellogg's Special K with Protein)
  8. Carrot Sticks  +  Tear-n-go tuna or salmon (such as Wild Planet brand)
  9. Celery Sticks  +  Almond Butter
  10. Mixed Veggies  +   Hummus (ex: Safeway, Engine 2 or Better Bean brands)



  1. Amy's Light in Sodium Chili, 2/3 c (about 1/3 can), heated and mixed with 2-3 oz. canned chicken and served with 1 1/2 c. mixed veggies (optional 6 almonds or 10 peanuts eaten alongside)
  2. Cook Simple brand meal (ex: Cowboy Chili or Cranberry Wild Rice), cooked with water (per directions), 1 serving mixed with half package tear-n-go smoked salmon (such as SeaBear brand) and canned green beans
  3. Go Picnic brand ready to eat meal, Hummus & Cracker variety, eaten with 1/2 c veggies
  4. 3 oz. Columbus brand Lower sodium turkey, with 1 Trader Joe's goat cheese medallion and 1/2 c sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, served on a serving of Mary's Gone Crackers with 1 c mixed veggies and 1/2 c fresh berries
  5. Tuna Wraps: mix 4 oz. tuna with 2 tbsp. light Greek yogurt dip, serve in whole grain wrap (such as Trader Joe's Brown Rice tortilla) with 1 tomato, sliced and serve with 1 c veggies plus 1/2 c raspberries on the side


Feel free to tweak these ideas to suit you and your family's needs. But remember that shelf-stable, portable and convenient camp-style foods can be healthy. It just takes a bit of planning to ensure you are still getting a balanced meal or snack.



Written by Erika Brown

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