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July 18, 2014
Why You Should Learn to Run
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This will be a short blog post with a simple theme: learn to run.

I often hear the phrase, “I am not a runner.” If this is you, I hope to give you a few reasons why you should learn to run.

1. Running is easy. That’s right, I said it. It is easy. All it takes to start running is to go outside and start jogging to the horizon. That’s it. Your run may look like a walk, slow jog, or a blistering sprint, but how you look does not matter. You are moving, and that is what is important.

2. Running is a great way to get in cardiovascular exercise. It is rhythmic, repetitive, and easy (see #1).

3. Your body is made to run. The arches in your feet are meant to absorb force while you run. The only way to move away from danger as a bipedal animal is to run. We are terribly inefficient at climbing trees and swimming. But we are incredibly efficient at running.

4. Running is a great way to get in anaerobic training. Sprinters have strong muscles and it is because they push their bodies. When you exercise, it is beneficial to challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Sprints and intervals train your anaerobic system.

5. If you can run, you will never have another excuse to why you can’t get in some exercise. You will not be limited to finding a gym or a swimming pool. All you need is a road or sidewalk.

Running should not be the bane of your existence. With the right approach you can learn to run without going through lots of pain, joint aches, and injuries. There is a right and wrong way to start running. Starting off with a 10 mile jog is not a good idea and will only reaffirm that “running is lame.” Start slow, with both low speed and low miles, and slowly increase both.

Learn to run.

Written by Clark Masterson

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