July 9, 2014
No Time to Grocery Shop?

Feeling pressed for time to shop for healthy food in the busy summer months (or all year around for that matter!)? Here's a way to get at least a few staple items, such as produce (which tends to run out quickly) in your kitchen without spending time at the store: online shopping!

If you're a stickler for cost or for quality, fret not! There's a variety of choices to suit your tastes and needs. Check out a few of my favorites:


Some options:

- Produce Delivery

  1. Full Circle
  2. Freggies

- Grocery & Home Goods Delivery

  1. Amazon
  2. Safeway

 - CSA (community supported agriculture programs)

     Choose one near you!

     Full List of local programs:


Another way to streamline the shopping process and support local farmers in the meantime is by picking up your produce box from a farmer in your area.  

"Food Box" produce pick-up locations:


Remember online shopping doesn't have to be all of the grocery shopping you do for a week (but it can be!) It can help your family stay stocked up on produce Thursday- Saturday (ever run out of fresh veggies by then?) and save you time spent wandering the store aisles (get outside and play this summer!)  Try it as a part of your routine this month and see if it makes life a little easier food-wise!


Written by Erika Brown

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