July 23, 2014
How is your Relationship with Food?

We spend a lot of time focused on what we are eating.

   What's the protein, carb or fat content like of foods we eat?

   How much fiber am I eating?

   Am I getting enough vitamin D?

These are all invaluable questions to ask yourself when looking to improve your diet, but they're managing only one side of the equation: the what.


Today I'll urge you to explore the other side: the why. Why do I eat the way I do? When I do? Where I do? etc.


Exploring this will be a process. It will likely be surprising (Oh, I eat ____ really quickly, or when I'm _____). Possibly uncomfortable (Wow, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be _____ and to eat ____, but I know no other way). And maybe bring out some emotions (I feel ____ when I have appreciated the flavor, smells, textures etc. of the foods I'm eating).


To be blunt, I want to know one thing:   How is your relationship with food?


I believe the more you know about this, the more you can a) become aware, b) become forgiving and c) become one open to and embracing change


This process can be tough. Just as your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your parents, etc. are complex - so is your relationship with food.


To start the process of exploration, I'd urge you to take a moment to sit and answer a few questions, such as these, regarding your relationship with food:

  • Are you respectful?
  • Are you mindful?
  • Are you trusting?
  • Are you compassionate?
  • Are you thoughtful?
  • Are you purposeful?
  • Are you forgiving?


How did your answers turn out? Sit with this new knowledge for a while. Then when you're ready, browse these trusted sources on this topic:



If exploring the above has made you wonder if you would meet binge eating criteria, explore this test to find out more:



Continue to explore the questions above. Explore your answers, how they make you feel and how they are helping you or holding you back from your food goals.  Follow up with your Dietitian and Lifestyle Counselor for more assistance and guidance when you need it. Let us and your peers know what you find! Maybe your insight will help someone just like you.


So I'll ask you again - how is your relationship with food?

Written by Erika Brown

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