June 11, 2014
Healthy New Grocery Finds

Last week's class inspired our team of Dietitians to hit the aisles of some of our favorite local grocers to see what was new, interesting, convenient & healthy. We found some great products that you may find worth adding to your routine. Here are the new products we featured, how we used them and where you can find them!


- Go Raw Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

  Purchased at Safeway. Served as a standalone snack (and loved for its salty crunch)

- PCC's brand Turkey Jerky

  Purchased at PCC. Served as a protein snack (and well received for its soft texture!)

- Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

  Purchased at Safeway. Served mixed into a breakfast yogurt parfait.


- Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressings

  Purchased at Safeway. Caesar variety served with a kale mix and salmon. One of our most popular items!

- Hope Thai Coconut Curry Hummus 

  Purchased at PCC. Served in whole-grain wrap with low-fat feta and sprouts.


- Go Raw Pizza Flax Snax

  Purchased at Safeway. Served as a standalone snack.


- Tillamook 2% low-fat Greek Yogurt

  Purchased at Fred Meyer. Served as part of a breakfast parfait. Great blend of tart/sweet and extra creamy!

- Tumaro Whole Wheat Tortillas in Carb&cid=57   

  Purchased at Safeway. Served with hummus in wrap. Good texture and softness even when whole-grain!


- Farmland Foods Pork Tenderloin

  Purchased at Fred Meyer. Served with grilled mixed veggies. Surprisingly moist!


- Sushi Party Soy Wrappers

   Purchased at Uwajimaya. Served with ahi and veggies in a roll. Great for a stage 2 alternative to sushi! 


- Better Bean Wholly bean dips

  Purchased at PCC. Served with veggies as appetizer.  


- Kodiak Cakes protein Waffle mix

  Purchased at Costco. Served as protein muffins with nut butter.  


- Sky Valley Teriyaki Sauce

  Purchased at Whole Foods. Served as drizzle on rice-less sushi rolls. Great sodium content for Teriyaki sauce


- Seabear Tear-n-go Wild Salmon pouches

   Purchased at PCC. Served as appetizer mixed with Greek yogurt feta dressing atop whole grain crackers


- Sol frozen Meatless Cuisine

   Purchased at Whole Foods. Served as entree mixed with veggies and edamame.  


- Fish People ready to eat Seafood Blanco Soup

   Purchased at QFC. Served as heat-n-eat entree


- TVP (textured vegetable protein) served as "oats"

   Purchased at Fred Meyer. Served as part of a breakfast 'overnight oats' with Ready to Drink shake and berries/ nuts


As you can see, we featured quite a few new products. We featured new items for snacks, breakfasts and convenient / healthy entrees. Try some out and tell us what you think!

Written by Erika Brown

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