May 21, 2014
Is Your Weight Loss Slowing?

Have you been watching your diet and exercise for an extended amount of time? Are you feeling frustrated that your weight loss isn't what it used to be?

This week we check in with four of the most important variables with weight loss (accuracy, honesty, mindfulness and preparation), plus questions you can ask of yourself to ensure you are accomplishing them all:


1. Be Accurate

  • Am I weighing and measuring?
  • Am I tracking (online or by hand) everything (including oils, sauces, snacks, etc)
  • Am I tracking live or before I eat, vs. at the end of the day or week?
  • Am I tracking my weight at a consistent time of day, with consistent clothing and on a consistent scale? 


2. Be Honest

  • Am I keeping track of everything that goes in my mouth? (good, bad or indifferent - it's OK! honesty is the     priority.)
  • Am I keeping myself accountable to realistic, sustainable and timely goals?
  • Am I committed to change and the work it takes to make it?


3. Be Mindful

  •  Am I hungry physically? If I hesitate to say yes, am I craving something emotionally? (pleasure, entertainment, convenience.)
  • Am I paying attention to what I'm eating (tastes, smells, etc. - not distractions) and physical satiety cues?
  • Am I taking note of what I've learned about myself in the past and planning accordingly?


4. Be Prepared

  • Am I ready for the day - the week - the month even?
  • Am I ready with a back-up plan?
  • Am I cautious but realistic with my approach?


If you answered no to any of the questions above, don't worry! You are not alone. You are human, and therefore lead a complex and ever-changing life. Which means your nutrition and health goals & plans are always also evolving. Stick with focusing on making adjustments to whatever you need to from the above list of ideas for a shot at figuring out more of what's causing your weight loss or health goals to plateau.

And remember - your Dietitian is here to help! Talk to them about your answers to the above questions. They can provide insight, tips and suggestions that suit your specific needs!

Written by Erika Brown

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