May 23, 2014
I Want to Look Like Shakira

“I want to look like Shakira.”
“I want to look like Carrie Underwood.”
“I want to look like Venus Williams.”
“I want to look like Sophia Loren.”
(I want to look like Superman)
In weight loss world, it is common to hear people say they want to look like a certain individual. More specifically, people tend to focus on a particular body part that they admire. Some body parts that come up are Michelle Obama’s arms…


Carrie Underwood’s Legs…


And Shakira’s Stomach…


I am, of course, referring to typical comments from women, but men are not exempt from this either. Though most men do not wish to have the First Lady’s arms, they still can admire the physiques of others and strive toward attaining similar physicality. I don’t think many men would argue that looking like King Leonidas would be a bad thing.


Goals are important. Having the goal to achieve a strong and healthy physique is outstanding. I will state that no person should truly expect to have exactly the same physique of another human, but admiring another person’s physicality and striving for the same can be a useful motivator (so long as it is not an obsession.).

But let’s just lay one thing out on the table here. Looking like Carrie Underwood or Gerard Butler is tough. Achieving a solid physique takes consistent effort. While I can’t speak to the exercise routines of Shakira or Carrie Underwood, it is well known that Gerard Butler worked out like a madman for months before the filming of “300.” He and his co-stars exercised at Gym Jones and it was very taxing. You aren’t just bequeathed with a body like that. He had to build it…. with a TON of effort. Those muscles won’t build themselves.

Similarly, we can look at another actor who recently played an epic role: Henry Cavill. He was a pretty thin guy in his role for “The Tudors,” then added some muscle mass and leaned out for his role as Theseus in “The Immortals” and then really packed on the muscle for his role in “The Man of Steel.”

Henry Cavill admits that the amount of effort it took to create that physique was extraordinary. He stated that he had ceased his grueling routines as soon as Superman’s filming ended. Keeping up that level of fitness is both mentally and physically exhausting.
The main point is: If you want to have the physique like someone else, then you need to do what they do for a long period of time.
This should not be taken lightly. If you are seriously considering modifying your exercise or eating routine so that you can develop a similar body to someone else, then you must address whether or not that lifestyle is maintainable. If the lifestyle is not maintainable, then you have to admit that you could only have your desired physical attribute for a limited period of time (as long as you are willing to maintain the lifestyle.)

It is common for people to look to celebrities as a goal, but viewing them as a standard should be avoided. They are outliers. But they are only outliers because of the time and effort they put into their physical health and appearance. If you assume that achieving an exceptional body (by the aforementioned standard) is easy and will take limited effort, then you will set yourself up for defeat and disappointment. It is much more effective to understand the intense effort required to build a ridiculous physique and scale your expectations appropriately.

Now to wrap up this entire post into a few bullets:


  • It is ok to admire someone’s physique. If it helps keep you motivated then pick someone you want to look like and go for it.
  • Scale your expectations to the amount of effort (short and long-term) that you are willing to put into it.
  • Lift weights… all of the people above are lifting


Written by Clark Masterson

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