April 16, 2014
5 Great Recipes for Entertaining

It can be great to be the host of a party when you're watching your weight and health, as you are the one with control over the menu! But it can seem stressful to please pickier eaters that may not also be as health-minded as you.

Here are a few easy, semi-homemade recipes that are healthier twists on some classic favorites (like burgers and nuggets) to try at your next gathering. I would suggest planning to serve a salad (try mixed greens with hazelnuts, reduced-fat blue cheese, sliced red onion and sliced strawberries with a light champagne or pear vinaigrette), a veggie platter, smoked salmon or turkey meatballs, a 'mocktail' (try 1 part cherry juice with 3 parts soda water over lots of ice with mint leaves for garnish plus a handful of small sparkling waters on the side) and one or more of these appetizers for a healthy spread:


1. Mini Burgers & Fruit Dips


20/20 Adaptation: Use apricots and peaches canned in water vs. juice, fresh vs. canned sweet potatoes and whole-grain sandwich thins or mini bagels vs. biscuits


2. Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Dip


20/20 Adaptation: use 2% or 0% yogurt and serve with sliced fruits (such as apples, pears) and veggies (such as jicama, celery)


3. Chicken Nuggets


20/20 Adaptation: use whole-grain or almond flour and whole-grain breadcrumbs (or omit bread crumbs) for coating, serve with Stubbs BBQ sauce or hot sauce for dipping


4. Fruit and Goat Cheese Bruschetta


20/20 Adaptation: use goat cheese with 1:1 protein:fat ratio (vs. higher fat), and whole-grain bruschetta or loaf (such as Dave's Killer brand)


5. Sweet Potato Latke's with Greek Yogurt


20/20 Adaptation: use whole grain flour and low-fat Greek yogurt (optional to serve alongside a non-starchy veggie based stack like this (sub low-fat cream cheese):  


Feel free to cruise the web for other crowd-pleasing appetizer recipes but keep your 20/20 healthy meal plan in mind: substitute low-fat Greek yogurt or cheese when needed, stick with lean or very lean proteins (ex: 90/10 or leaner beef or turkey), whole-grains (flour, bread or otherwise) and avoid excess added sugar (try reducing the recipe's sugar by up to half.)

What are your favorite tips and recipes for entertaining?


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Written by Erika Brown

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