March 12, 2014
Online Recipe Index(es)

20/20 Lifestyles has developed a great database of recipes to keep you and your family satisfied when following our healthy meal plan, and we will continue adding to this list on a regular basis. However, you may be interested in expanding your horizons with surfing the World Wide Web for recipes to try out.

That is great, but as you likely know not all recipe databases share our same goals relative to whole-foods-based, healthy recipe criteria. So here are a few of our favorite other sites to use in addition to ours for even more variety!


Site: Skinny Taste

Great for: Family-style meals and "lighter" than traditional recipes


Site: PreventionRD 

Great for: Quick + easy


Site: Hungry-Girl

Great for: Semi-homemade meals + alternatives (e.g. Shirataki noodles vs. pasta) for comfort-style or restaurant recipes


Site: Today's Dietitian

Great for: Specific search criteria (gluten-free, International, etc.)


Site: Food Heaven 

Great for: Visual learners (site features videos)



With these 5 recipe sites and our database, you should feel more confident in exploring fun new meals and snacks to try without having to worry about your choices being balanced or healthy!


Written by Erika Brown

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