March 26, 2014
How Dietitians Handle Cravings

Cravings can arise for even the most balanced of eaters. A night of poor sleep, a stressful day and many other things can cue you up to crave Reward Center style foods. Here are how a few of our RD's handle their cravings:

  • Erin says: “Whenever I’m having cravings, I sit on them for about 10 minutes. If the cravings don’t go away, and I know I don’t have room in my diet for something sweet or indulgent, I turn to a more balanced option. Often, this means some frozen raspberries or pineapple with a tablespoon of peanut butter. This type of snack gives me the sweetness I am craving, but is balanced enough to keep those cravings from returning”


  • Erika notes: “I use herbal tea: peppermint, Good Earth Sweet & Spicy or Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple varieties help me curb cravings for sweets. If the craving is really strong, I reach for a frozen treat: semi-thawed mixed berries or semi-thawed cut-up Cocoa Almond bars. When they’re cold they take longer to eat, which helps me savor every bite!”


  • Acacia tackles sweet cravings with the following: “Warm Tea! Apple cinnamon spice especially – and I add a splash of Organic apple cider for a hint of extra sweetness”


As you can see, natural substitutes like fruit or tea can satisfy a sweet craving without adding a lot of extra calories to your day. Pickles or veggie crisps (like dried Kale) can combat salty or savory cravings naturally.

But as Erin mentioned, remember that when it comes to fighting off a craving, time is key: if you can wait ~10-20 minutes your craving (unless hunger driven) should subside. A rewarding distraction, like a hot shower or bath, a phone call with a friend or relative, or a quick walk outside, can help this time go by with ease.

And lastly, remember to pay attention to your cravings. Learning more about what cues you to crave will help you better understand and manage them!

How do you handle your cravings?

Written by Erika Brown

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