April 2, 2014
5 Ways to Sneak More Nutrition "Powerhouses" Into your Diet

During March, bloggers, foodies, health nuts and info-maniacs across the nation were buzzing about food. It was National Nutrition Month after all! All this buzz left us feeling inspired to up our nutrition "game." What better way to do that than by making sure you are eating food loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and more!

A few incoming fruits and veggies for spring that are particularly healthful include:

   - Asparagus

   - Dark, leafy greens like Arugula or Kale

   - Beets

   - Mushrooms

   - Sweet and Snap Peas

1. Blend them into your shake! (ex: add 1/2 c leafy greens or beets to your shake for added nutrition. Unsweetened cocoa, vanilla extract or a splash of citrus juice can help mask the flavor, too!)

2. Mix them into your salad (ex: add 1/2 c leafy greens or snap peas to your normal salad routine for a different texture but not an overwhelming flavor.

3. Toss them into your stir-fry (ex: add mushrooms or snap peas to your pan when stir-frying for a hearty flavor or light crunch)

4. Incorporate some at breakfast (ex: egg/egg white quiche or omelet with leafy greens and asparagus mixed in)

5. Toss them onto the grill (ex: add them alongside your favorite protein! asparagus and mushrooms have a great flavor when lightly grilled)

Buying in-season means great flavor, better price and greater overall nutritional content when it comes to produce. Enjoy these "powerhouses" along with a variety of other fresh veggies and fruits as a part of a balanced meal plan!

For more information on National Nutrition Month visit:


Written by Erika Brown

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