February 14, 2014
Working Out with your Significant Other

With Valentine’s Day here, this is a perfect opportunity to talk about working out with your significant other. Working out with your partner is a great way to bond. However, it can also be a great way to get frustrated. Let’s discuss some rules when it comes to exercising with your spouse or partner.

Rule #1: Have a plan
Before you get to the gym, both of you should know what is on the workout menu. Are you going to do strength, cardio, a class, or something else? Whatever it is, decide on it before you go to the gym. That way you do not have to take the time to choose and/or deliberate on what you each want to do.

Rule #2: Let your partner exercise as they wish
If you love cardio he loves strength, then agree to do separate workouts. Do not force each other to tag along, especially if the motivation for Zumba just isn’t there.

Rule #3: Leaving the coaching to the coaches
No matter how wrong your partner is performing an exercise or movement, if they don’t ask for feedback, don’t give it. Leave the feedback-giving to the personal trainers. If you disagree, try correcting your spouse the next time they perform something wrong and see what kind of look you get.

Rule #4: Agree on an ending time
If you are doing separate workouts, agree on a time to meet up at the end. Don’t leave your spouse waiting in the lobby because you had to get in that extra mile or extra set of bicep curls.

Rule #5: Understand that you and your spouse will have different goals
Zumba cannot build muscles and weight training will not improve dancing skills. Your goals will dictate your workout. Given that you and your partner will surely have different goals (they will not be exactly the same) you cannot expect to perform the exact same workout.

If you happen to have a spouse who you can exercise with, then more power to you, but this is relatively rare. Most spouses are able to travel to the gym together but then perform their own workouts. This is absolutely acceptable. This way you have an accountability-buddy, but you can still hammer out the workout that is appropriate for your goals.

Written by Clark Masterson

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