February 28, 2014
When is the best time to exercise

Have you ever wondered if it is more effective to train in the morning or the evening? Would you reach your goals any faster if you exercised at a different time?

The short and easy answer is that it does not matter. Not one bit. If you want to lose weight or maintain your fitness, it only matters that you DO workout, not at what time. However, if you have to choose between morning workouts or evening workouts, choose the morning.

Morning workouts have a number of benefits:

Morning exercise ensures you get your workout done with and out of the way. You never have to go through your day thinking, “jeez, I still have to train.” This may be one of the best reasons. If you make time for exercise in the morning you are likely to do so. Planning for a workout in the evening can be more challenging. Your day can throw some curveballs that start to compete for your workout time.

Morning exercise can also help prime your body and brain for action the rest of the day. There is a wonderful book called Spark, written by Dr. John Ratey. In it, he describes how a group of kids in Naperville, Illinois participated in a “zero hour” PE class at their high school. This was a PE class that focused on fitness (instead of sport) and was done in the morning before all other classes. Over time, it was clear that this was greatly beneficial to these students, as they started to outperform the other students in their classes. It is a great read, and I recommend you get it. It will teach you about BDNF, a powerful brain chemical that facilitates learning, and how exercise elevates it. But again, the morning-exercise students performed better!

Overall, just making time during the day to exercise is what counts. Don’t beat yourself up over when is the most effective time to exercise. Just make sure to do it.

But again, choose the morning if you can.

Written by Clark Masterson

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