January 31, 2014
The Super Bowl Workout Returns!

Hello 12th man and football fans alike. Here in Seattle, we are so excited for the Super Bowl! Go Seahawks! First off, if you are headed to a party on Sunday, there is sure to be some bad food around. Create your own healthy snacks and take them to the party. Leave the bacon covered hot dogs at home and bring some chopped peppers or hard-boiled eggs. While this is typically a day for beer and brats, you can substitute those for peppers and protein. Second, I know it will be a Sunday, but there is no day like Super Bowl Sunday to get in an epic workout. Last year I wrote up a workout you could do during the game to keep you moving, and this year will not be any different. Ready for some madness? Below are three workouts meant to be performed in the first half only: The Wilson, Legion of Boom, and Beast Mode: choose your workout below and get after it!

The Wilson
This workout will focus on the offensive part of the game, for whichever side you choose. Just pay attention and follow the guidelines below:
Running Play: 5 squats
Completed pass: 10 pushups
First Down: 5 burpees
Touchdown: 50 mountain climbers
Field Goal: 5 Burpees
Make sure to sprinkle in a lot of high fives when awesome plays are made.

The Legion of Boom
Perform these exercises whenever the Hawks are on defense… or when the Broncos are working to contain the Hawks Offense.
Tackle: 3 squats and 1 pushup
Cam Chancelor makes an epic hit: 10 squats and 10 pushups
Interception: 15 burpees
First down allowed: 20 jumping jacks
Pick 6: 10 burpees and 50 bicycle crunches
Incomplete Pass: 5 pushups
Yeah… feel those muscles burn.

Beast Mode
This workout should be done one both offense and defense AND during the commercials:
Bud Light Commercial: Hold a plank for the duration of the commercial
Commercial that portrays unhealthy food as being awesome: perform 10 jumping jacks
Running play: 1 squat per yard gained
Complete Pass: 5 squats and 5 pushups
Touchdown: 10 Spiderman pushups
Field Goal: 20 mountain climbers
Sack: 20 bicycle crunches
Turnover: 5 burpees
Get after it!

Alright team. That is that. Pick your poison and crush that workout. And again, GO SEAHAWKS!


Written by Clark Masterson

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