December 27, 2013
Tips to Beating the January Rush

A brand New Year always brings in a massive influx of gym newcomers taking on their New Year’s Resolutions.  If you’re like me and hate crowds, here are a couple tips to avoid the crowds and make it through the next couple weeks.

• Avoid Primetime Hours: If your schedule allows you to be more flexible, the Fitness Centers are usually less busy between 8am and 5pm.  Lunchtime is usually the optimal time to get in a workout.  PRO Club provide shuttles from the Microsoft campus to the gym and back. In addition, a lot of Group Fitness classes are catered for you to get in a quick workout and get back to work.  Tour de PRO, Circuit Training, and CHISEL’D are all classes that start at 12pm.

• Willows and Seattle PRO Clubs: If you have to come in during primetime hours, head over to our alternative clubs out on Willows Road or in Seattle.  These facilities are not as crowded as our main Bellevue Club, so you’ll be able to get onto your favorite piece of Cardio equipment without any issues.  In addition, both clubs also provide less crowded Group Fitness classes like Cardio Blast, FX Fusion at Willows and TRX Total Body and Epic Winter Conditioning in Seattle.

• Be Flexible with your Routine: If you’re a creature of habit, switch it up! If you always do your cardio first, get your strength training routine out of the way before getting on the elliptical.  Tired of doing the old treadmill routine?  Get on a Versaclimber and aim for 1000 ft., 2000 ft., or a mile (5280 ft.) if you’re daring.

• The Pavilion is just not for Basketball!: If the Fitness Centers are too busy, take your workout to the basketball courts.  Run wind sprints. Lunge around the court.  Bring a jump rope and jump for time.  However, DO NOT TAKE ANY FREE WEIGHTS OR MEDICINE BALLS ON THE COURTS, as they ruin the gym floors. 

• Workout with a Personal Trainer: Your personal trainer will come up with various alternative exercises to avoid waiting for a machine or exercise to open up.  Tired of waiting for a squat rack? Your trainer has 10 other different exercises to work your glutes.

All in all, be flexible during this time of the year and make it fun.




Written by Nelson Lau

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