December 23, 2013
Health-Conscious Gift Guide

Practical gifts are perfect gifts in my humble opinion! And who doesn't love a gift that you will both find handy, and healthy, in the kitchen all year long? Here's a few of my favorite healthy-foodie-friendly gifts:

 - Japanese mandoline

  • Perfect for evenly slicing your favorite vegetables so they’re ready to use for the grill, a crudité platter or my favorite, as ‘noodles’

- Speedy Apple Slicer

  • Sliced apples and low-fat cheese or nut butter make such a great snack. Who doesn’t love the slicing done in ~5 seconds with this handy tool?

Hot Water Dispenser

  • A warm cup of cinnamon herbal tea or decaf coffee sounds (and smells) divine this time of year. Machines like this make it so fast and simple to enjoy a warm beverage, it’s hard to resist as an after dinner treat!

EVOO + Vinegar Dressing Mixer

  • Liven up your salads with a mix of different oil and vinegar combos, and use a handy gadget like this to avoid both a boring salad routine and an uneven dressing mix! Healthy fats were never so tasty or easy.

Indoor 'Grill'

  • Cuisinart’s indoor Griddler is a Seattleite must-have, as it offers you the opportunity to make deliciously simple grilled proteins (turkey burgers, chicken breasts) or vegetables and fruits, even if it’s cold & rainy outside!

The Cookbook 'Bible'

  • OK, maybe it’s just me, but if there had to be a top-rated of all time cookbook series it would be from the lovely people at Cooks Illustrated. Luckily for us, they have a compilation of their best light recipes. Guaranteed great flavor, and healthier? We’re in!

Healthy foodies are some of the hardest people to shop for. But with fun, new and practical gifts like these, you can pleasantly surprise even them with a gift that keeps giving for good health in 2014!

Written by Erika Brown

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