December 4, 2013
Healthier Holiday Travel

What better time to talk about planning for vacation then winter, when so many of us trek across the country or even just across the state to visit loved ones. Reconnecting can be satisfying for your soul. But at times travelling can be difficult for your diet. So here are my top four travel tips to help you along the way:


1. Pack protein snacks

Luckily for you, 20/20 has a variety of convenient and portable high-protein bars and shakes (both powder and ready-to-drink) to keep you satisfied. You could also try soy-nuts, turkey jerky, peanut butter or canned tuna or chicken. If you are flying, you can purchase other light ready-to-drink shakes at grocery stores when you arrive to your destination as well. If you have space in your host’s fridge, stock-up on more perishable but handy protein snacks such as low-fat cheese sticks or wedges, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat greek yogurt or deli meat.


2. Pack your workout

Talk with your trainer for ideas on keeping up with exercise while away. They can help you find some great ways to stay fit: Resistance bands (very portable and user-friendly), workout DVD’s (or use your host’s On-Demand or similar selection- after politely asking, of course J) or a log of exercises trainer-approved that can be done using your own body weight (such as push-ups, squats, lunges, etc.)

3. Stay hydrated

It can be all too easy to drink your calories during the winter season. Anything from hot chocolate, to eggnog, or even hot apple cider can be tempting. Keep in mind that you are much more likely to feel fuller, longer, by eating your calories than you are by drinking them as liquid calories pass through your digestive system faster. These beverages can be hidden sources of sugar and fat as well, both of which we need to be mindful of when striving for a healthy weight. Try instead to keep sparkling water with lime or lemon, decaffeinated herbal tea (hot or iced) and plain-old, ice-cold water on hand. This will also help you say no to those extra servings at mealtime. Remember that it is easy to confuse hunger for thirst signals in your body.


4. Take a walk

Having a hard time saying no to those tempting holiday treats? Ask a friend or family member to take a walk with you outdoors. It takes time for your body to send the signals to your brain saying, “I’m full” and “I’m ready to stop eating.” A walk can be the perfect amount of time to adequately digest your meal. It can also help to change the environment, sometimes all it takes is being away from those cue foods to realize that we are OK without them. P.S.: Feel like being alone? Hit the pavement stag. A walk can be a great time to clear your head and rejuvenate.


Travelling over the holidays can be hard for two reasons: you're away from home and let's face it, it's the holidays so there are less than healthy foods always available! With a little planning ahead, you can keep yourself feeling more balanced about your nutrition and health plan.

Written by Erika Brown

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