October 30, 2013
A Super-Fast & Healthy Weekday Breakfast

Home cooked eggs/egg whites for breakfast on a weekday can be less than practical. They're great options for protein, but can be time consuming when cooked on a stovetop.

So what's the quick fix? Bring out your muffin tin, and prepare yourself to use it in a new way... for breakfast egg muffins!


Egg muffins are great for a few reasons:

  1. Lean protein

  2. Easy variety (Try a different combination of ingredients each week to keep it interesting!)

  3. Left-over friendly (Use leftover protein from dinner if you'd like)

  4. Adaptable to many stages

  5. Batch-cooked, frozen or refrigerated & microwave-friendly (Cook 6 muffins or more at one time!)


Sample egg white muffin combinations:


Stage 1: Whole egg & egg whites, or all egg whites. Alone, or with ground turkey, chicken, lean steak, shrimp, crab (or whatever leftover lean protein you have handy)


Stage 2: The above + diced onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, wilted spinach, etc. 


Stage 3: The above + low-fat cheese in place of some of the eggs or meat


Stage 7: The above, wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla, sandwich thin or english muffin 


Who doesn't love a quick, healthy and versatile breakfast option like the egg/ egg white muffins? I like adding salsa or hot sauce to mine for a zesty kick. Happy cooking!

Written by Erika Brown

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