August 12, 2013
What’s Your Relationship with Food?

How would you describe your relationship with food? Has it been your best friend, your comfort, a stress reliever, a tool for procrastination or avoidance, your reward for a hard day or a pick me up when you’re down?

It is easy to rely on food for purposes that it is not actually intended for. First and foremost, food is the fuel for our bodies. It is intended to nourish and sustain us, not to support us emotionally. When we start to use food for more emotional reasons we can fall into bad habits that are detrimental to our health. The key is to address the emotional need with something more appropriate instead of reaching for food. Food can only bring temporary relief and does not actually reach the emotional need.

For example, if I normally use food as a stress reliever it is important to find more appropriate stress managementskills to help with the stress instead of using food. It may be more helpful to go for a walk, call a friend, or exercise to manage stress. These will be more helpful to manage stress and will also not sabotage your health goals.

It may be helpful to ask yourself, “how have I been using food emotionally?” Once you address the emotional need, work to identify a few different ways you can address that need more appropriately. It may take some time before the new coping skill becomes a habit, but give it some time and keep trying until you find the right coping skills for you!

Written by Cassie Kinson

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