July 8, 2013
Be Proud of Your Behaviors

When making changes in life there are a lot of moving parts and some are predictable.  Whether the change is around your health, your career, relationships or financial goals most processes for change involve some of the same elements.  It starts with developing an intention or desire for change and then developing a plan.  (This part can be pretty easy for most people.  Think of all the plans you have made in the past.)  The next part is about focusing on the behaviors that will produce the change we are looking for in our plan.  (It’s good if we have faith and knowledge that the right behaviors will produce the right change.)  Then comes the “outcome” part where we see the change we are creating.

Often people overemphasize the outcome part.  We judge ourselves based on whether we achieved the desired outcome.  I think outcome is important but it is also important to focus on the behavioral part of this equation.  Our behaviors are the part that we can control.  Even if it takes a long time to consistently have the desired behaviors we should strive to make this happen.  We often need support or guidance to figure how to “control” our behaviors and this is all part of the process.  This is where we need to recognize that if we get lost in our head or focus too much on the future this can distract us from our plan. 

When we focus on our behaviors and become proud of our behaviors then change will follow. If we are proud of our behaviors this helps us to be motivated and focused when involved in a long term change project.

Written by Peter Kaperick

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