June 7, 2013
If I eat this, how much cardio..?

Have you ever wondered, “If I eat this, how much cardio do I have to do later on to burn this off?”  With so many food choices out there, I thought it would be fun to put it all in perspective.  How long would you have to workout if you had a Frappuccino with friends? A Big Mac Extra Value Meal from McDonald’s? Cinnamon Roll from Cinnabon at the mall?  Well, let’s look at some “sinful” foods and their exercise equivalents.

Based on the nutritional information from Calorie King, we’ll look at several foods and their calories.  In addition, we are also assuming the workout times to burn off the food examples below is based on a female who is 5’7” and 145 lbs. and they are either walking at 3.0 mph or running at 6.0 mph to burn off those calories.  If you weigh more, you burn more calories.  If you weigh less, you burn less.    
So here we go:

Big Mac Extra Value Meal (Big Mac, Medium Fries, Medium Soft Drink)
Total Calories: 550 (Big Mac)+380 (Medium Fries)+239 (Medium Soft Drink) = 1169 Total Calories
Running Time: 133 minutes
Walking Time: 324 minutes
•Sure fast food is convenient and fast, but is it worth it? In order for you to burn off that whole meal, you have to run a ½ marathon!  That’s 13.1 miles!

Costco Cheesecake, 1 Slice
Total Calories: 144 Calories
Running Time: 50 minutes
Walking Minutes: 122
•Cheesecake can taste very good, but you’ll have to workout one more extra day during the week if you want to just burn off that extra slice.

Starbucks Venti Mocha Frappuccino with 2% Milk and No Whip Cream
Calories: 405 Calories
Running Time: 46 Minutes
Walking Time: 112 Minutes
•Who knew coffee with friends could be so lethal?  405 calories should be an actual meal, not a drink! 

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll
Calories: 813 Calories
Running Time: 93 Minutes
Walking Time: 226 Minutes
•Classic Mall food!  This cinnamon roll doesn’t even include the white  frosting that’s normally layered over it.  If it does, multiply the workout times by 2!!!

Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Pint)
Calories: 1080
Running Time: 124
Walking Time: 300
•If you rented a movie at home and just finished off a whole pint of ice cream, congratulations!!! You just gained 1/3 pound just by eating that.  Now, you can watch another movie while working out, so you can burn it off.

Red Robin Royal Red Robin Burger and Fries
Calories: 1198 (Burger) + 444 (Fries) = 1642 Calories
Running Time: 192 minutes
Walking Time:  454 minutes
•There’s a reason employees at Red Robin nickname it the “Heart Attack Special.”  This burger has it all: Extra mayo, ¼ lb. beef patty, several slices of bacon, and a FRIED EGG!  Eat the steak fries too, and that’s one whole day’s worth of calories in just one meal. 

Food choices can be tough for all of us.  The foods below all sound so good and tempting, but think of the consequences for eating it.  Do you really want to be at the gym for 2, 3, or 4 hours just to burn it off?  Or worse, don’t go to the gym and gain 2-5 pounds that week?  Think before you act!

Written by Nelson Lau

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