May 24, 2013
Workout Jams

Philosophers once believed that emotions were fluids thatmoved through the body (you can imagine why they thought this, as emotional responses seem to “wash” over us). They actually thought the music could help to move the emotional fluids through the body, and were aware that different styles of music had different effects on the listener. You can feel the different effects of music when listening to Adagio for Strings versus Don’t Stop Believing versus Show me How to Live. Given this viewpoint, they recommended that soldiers avoid slow music with soft tempos as it would make them soft and wimpy. And no Spartan should be wimpy. They recommended that before battle the musicians play fast and upbeat music to ready the men for fighting. This is just like an NFL football team’s pre-game ritual: listening to fast paced and strong music to get ready for their battle against the other team. Could you imagine a football team (or any team for that matter) run onto the field to the sound of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away?” HECK NO! Music affects you, picks you up, and slows you down. When working out, an epic list of rocking jams can help keep your energy and pace up as you crush your exercises.


So what should you listen to? Well everyone has different tastes, but below is a great list of songs with links to YouTube. Also, if you have a favorite workout song, please comment and let us know what it is!

Sail – AWOLNATION (this is a great song to warm up to)

Show me how to live – Audioslave

Lights (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding

Mortal Kombat Theme

Cinema (Skrillex remix) – Benny Benassi

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore

The Alphabeat – David Guetta

Now get to that workout! 



Written by Clark Masterson

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