June 5, 2013
My #1 Diet Recommendation

So what is my #1 suggestion for anyone? Always plan ahead. Sure this seems intuitive and maybe easy to do, but believe me these are a powerful three words. If you can manage to focus from here on out on your inner boy scout- thinking "Always be prepared!" Then you will be more likely a healthier and happier person for it.


What planning ahead means for you and I may be two very different things. In fact, it can even be different for you now than it was 6 months or even 6 years ago.


But it's OK to change your planning. What's important is that you just keep it as a lifelong healthy habit.



  1. Social events, celebrations, functions- What foods will be served? How long will it last? Will they have protein/veggies? Will there be alcohol, will there be dessert? What would you enjoy "indulging" in the most, and what can you say no to?
  2. Unexpected situations- At work late? What's in your desk that can be a quick & balanced snack, in case your phone conference call goes long? Traffic worse than you expected? What's in your car in case you make it home an hour late for dinner and you run the risk of getting overly hungry?   (See my blog on for ideas!)
  3. Do-able Meal Plans that last the week- Busy week with extra-curriculars for your family? What can you prep/wash/cut/freeze/make that will keep you full & satisfied but easy to make in the 20 minutes you have Wednesday night for dinner?  (See my blog on for more ideas!)


We all have different needs and different goals.

But I can almost guarantee that if you find a way to make planning ahead more a habit, your nutrition and health will be all the better for it!


Written by Erika Brown

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