May 6, 2013
Monitor and Adjust to Stay on Track

To have success in any long term endeavor you need a lot of things.  You need a plan, support, motivation and knowledge to name a few.  When that project is your health and fitness it becomes clear that there are a lot of moving parts in life that influence your choices around health.  This list can include family traditions, social circles, work pressures and past individual habits.  As you focus on your health and institute new habits, it is important to minimize the influences that take you away from your goals and increase the influences that are helpful towards your goals.

One way to keep an eye on things is to develop a plan to “Monitor and Adjust.”   There are many ways that we do this in our lives already!  Think about quarterly reports in business or progress reports in school:  these are ways to monitor your goals, see your progress, and to adjust accordingly.  By paying attention at appropriate intervals then you can see what changes are needed to meet your goals. 

Here are a few ideas to monitor your goals relative to your health: 

(1) Meal Tracking is a great way to monitor your food plan.  This process helps you develop a daily awareness of how you are reaching your goals and what may be taking you away from your goals. If you haven’t already registered for our FREE Food Tracker click here.

(2)  Weigh yourself regularly. Weighing yourself regularly is a way to generally track your progress and see positive or negative trends.

(3)  Institute a “First of the Month” meeting with yourself.  I like a monthly checkpoint because a month is long enough to see trends develop but not so long that things fall apart.  Use this meeting to review your progress and also see what else needs to improve.  You can also adjust your plan; think about what support you need; reinvent your motivation and consider what knowledge you need to add to meet your goals.


Written by Peter Kaperick

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