April 3, 2013
The Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil is a supplement that is frequently recommended by the staff here at 20/20 LifeStyles. You may wonder why that is. What makes the Omega 3 fats in fish oil so healthy? And what should you look for?

With so much attention regarding supplements, safety, efficacy and the like, it is understandable to be unsure!

According to the National Institutes of Health (a trusty resource in my humble opinion), fish oil supplements have been shown to be effective or likely effective for improving the health of many things in your body, including:

  • Your brain
  • Your heart
  • Your joints
  • And more!

Always double-check with your Primary Care Physician that taking a supplement, like fish oil, is right for you. When you get the go-ahead, keep these guidelines in mind when choosing a brand & type:

  • The source: If you can, always choose fish-based options (vs. flax or similar). These are the most effective form used by your body.
  • Dosage: 1000 mg or more? Check with your doctor. The NIH suggests 3000 mg per day or less is considered safe for most people. Your dose will depend on your current health, labs, symptoms, diet, etc.
  • EPA : DHA ratio: Look for a higher amount of EPA than DHA in your total Omega 3’s
  • Omega 3 vs. 6 or 9: Omega 3 is the healthy fat that you are looking for from a fish oil supplement. The highest quality supplements for most people are only Omega 3- not a blend of 3, 6 and 9.

PRO Sports Club provides a high-quality Fish Oil supplement in-house for your convenience. It can be found in the Resource Center, online or at the PRO Shop. To order online please click here.

A last helpful tip: if you have been avoiding fish oil because it gives you “the fish burps”, try storing them in the freezer. This, and taking them mid-way through a meal or before bed, takes away most of the flavor so you can live more burp-free!


Now that you know the benefits of a fish oil supplement, which options to purchase & how to take them more easily, you are on your way to an even more balanced health plan!  


More information can be found at:

Written by Erika Brown

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