April 1, 2013
The Power of Words

I have to write a blog entry. I need to submit it. One more obligation. One more responsibility. It seems daunting, onerous. I feel my jaw tightening, my shoulders rising, my heart rate increasing. I am stressed.

But wait. I have been afforded a chance to write a blog entry. I get to submit it for publication. I choose to take advantage of this opportunity. No tightness in my jaw. No tension in my shoulders. My heart races with excitement.

The power of words. The words we use directly impact how we feel, which in turn influences our behavior. Each of us can choose which words to use to frame our individual experiences. We do not have to be held hostage by phrasing that does not work for us, that weighs us down. We can reframe obligatory phrases such as “I have to”, “I need to” “I should”, replacing them with “I get to”, “I choose to” or hopefully, “I want to.” If nothing else, we can reframe with a neutral “I will.”

We can use the power of our words to alter our perception of any experience and thereby our reaction. On a daily basis, I get to choose to do just that.

Written by Ilene Glantz

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