March 20, 2013
Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Spring is here! In the greater Seattle (and all of Western Wa) area, I think we can let out a collective sigh. Our days are getting brighter and longer, and we can see the sun starting to fight through the rain!

When that sun shines brighter inside our homes, it means we see the cobwebs and dust mites that were hiding in the winter darkness. As you're sweeping through your house to Spring Clean, keep in mind your kitchen. Now's a good time to sort, organize, restock & refresh your kitchen and your diet, too.


Be honest. Don't use it? Toss it. I am not suggesting food waste is the answer, but going through your pantry and fridge & getting rid of what you do not often use will mean more room for healthy foods you use & enjoy to shine through. It's sort of an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality but in reverse. De-clutter and you will have a better chance of noticing (and using) that healthy food product this spring.

-Examples: Salad dressings & sauces. If the difference between you having a salad/veggies and not is a splash of your favorite dressing, it's ok! You are not alone. Keep your options easy to find so you never say no to those trusty non-starchy veggie companions to your dinner meals.


Set yourself up for success. Along those same lines of "in sight, in mind" you want to keep those healthy items in your fridge & pantry easy to see, easy to reach for and easy to use. You also want to keep those unhealthy options hidden (or toss 'em and enjoy your occasional treats outside the home). Reorganizing the layout of your fridge may even be a change in your habit, and a change the way you eat.

Examples: Imagine if you had to go to the freezer outside for that Girl Scout cookie. It's still cold out there. Would you still want to go? Or what if you moved the veggies to a higher shelf in your fridge, so they were nearer eye-level. Better yet, what if they were in clear containers, so you saw them & chose them part of your snack?


Cleaning, reorganizing and restocking your kitchen can shine a new light (literally, it's getting sunnier outside!) on your current diet and meal plan. It can help you be more honest, realistic and effective in the way you set yourself and your family up to have a balanced diet!

Written by Erika Brown

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