March 27, 2013
Ring in Spring with Fresh Produce!

Fruits and veggies get me excited. Alright, my opinion is likely very biased because I work with food for a living, but still, they're so full of great flavor and nutrition that I cannot help but get jazzed when talking about them. So let's ring in spring with a countdown of 10 new fruits & veggies that are coming to a store near you for spring!

  1. Asparagus:  try roasted @ 400F with a spray of olive oil and a dash of garlic/onion
  2. Broccoli:  try a cool broccoli salad with sunflower seeds, grapes, low-fat cheddar cheese shreds tossed in light honey mustard vinaigrette
  3. Arugula:  top your favorite sandwich or wrap with this nutritious green for a kick of earthy flavor
  4. Mushrooms:  throw them in a stir-fry for an added boost of veggie (including protein) nutrition & they soak up the flavor
  5. Cauliflower:  use as an alternative to rice, potatoes or pizza dough
  6. Snap peas:  a great portable snack, that pairs well with a savory hummus or light Greek-yogurt dip
  7. Strawberries:  try a strawberry puree as a topping for grilled lean pork chop
  8. Pineapple:  skewer sections of pineapple and grill, then top your favorite lean burger or chicken stir fry with them
  9. Cantaloupe:  blended with non-fat cottage cheese, this makes a cool, creamy and outrageously thick smoothie snack
  10. Papaya:  a new & different fruit to blend with your vanilla 2020 High Protein Powder shake


With so many fresh and new produce items coming into season, why not ring in spring through some new produce items in your routine? Enjoy!


Written by Erika Brown

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