March 13, 2013
Diet Resolution CPR

Goal setting is important. When you want to make a change for the better- with your nutrition, exercise, sleep or otherwise- you'll need a good reason to tell your body to stop doing what it is used to and start doing something new & different. Having a clearly-defined goal is often step one in the process of positive change.

In other words, what we all sat down and did about 3 months ago on New Year's eve.

I'll be very honest with you. My goal (to better track my credit card bill reminded me. Eek!) stopped being met around Feb 15.

But I know what it takes to change, and sometimes it takes veering a bit off course then admitting it and regrouping. Key word: quickly getting back. So here I am ready to continue to meet my goal. And here's how you can too.

If you have seen your New Year's resolutions, especially those that were diet-related, fall off the map so to speak don't fret. Here are my 5 steps to getting back on track: breathe/refocus, identify, analyze, strategize & implement/follow-up.

  1. Take a deep breath and admit that it's OK. You fell off the wagon. Now take another deep breath and admit something else: it's time to refocus
  2. Get it on paper: Write down what your goals were for 2013. Nutrition-related examples: Eat more veggies. Eat more meals at home. No missed meals. Always carry an emergency snack. Plan meals for the week. etc
  3. Analyze. What made you successful at doing this for the first month (or so)? What changed when you stopped this healthy habit? The more honest and detailed you are regarding this the more detailed your game plan, and the less room for unforeseen barriers to your success. A.K.A: more insight = more succes
  4. Develop a strategy: Now that you know what your challenges are it is time to think outside the box. What is effective and reasonable? Remember it's always OK to try
  5. Implement the updated routine and follow-up: Start today. Review your plan and get going. But remember, it is important to check in with how things are going with your updated routine. Put something on your calendar. Every 3 months, perhaps, to see how things are going.


Here is an example of this process:

  1. Breathe, admit: There's been a lot more restaurant meals lately.
  2. 2013 Nutrition Goal: Dinner at home 4 nights or more each week. Why? More nutritious food, time together, saved $$
  3. Analysis:
    • In January:
      • Made Monday night meal plan for the 4 days that week that were easiest (ex, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun)
      • Wrote meal plan in notes app on phone
      • Picked up needed groceries Tuesday during lunch break
      • Spouse picked up other forgotten/added items on Friday night after work if needed.
    • What changed:
      • New meeting every Monday night so home from work late
      • Dinner out Tuesday
      • Some meals at home if there was time & we were home in evening Thursday or Sunday
      • Difficulty w/dinner meal ideas

     4.     Strategy:

    • Switch meal planning night from Monday to Sunday, still w/family.
    • Have children come up with 1 dinner idea for each week to decrease stress of new ideas everyone likes
    • Grocery shop Tuesday during lunch, then return to work.
    • Have spouse add reminder to cell phone to ask if anything extra is needed before coming home from work Friday night.

     5. Implement/Follow-up:

    • Planned meals on Wednesday (today) and ordered groceries online for this week.
    • Spoke with spouse and children about the plan. Set reminders and goals on calendar.
    • Decided on a reward: if met goals by next check-in (June), will take family to game night.


If your New Year's resolutions need a little CPR, don't worry. You are not alone. But remember you made those goals and resolutions for a reason. What was that reason? Follow the 5 step plan above to continue to meet all your health and nutrition goals!

Written by Erika Brown

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