March 11, 2013
Being Healthy Isn't Always Convenient

I hope that I didn’t scare you off with that title. However, many people have the same excuse: “I can’t lose weight or get healthy because I’m too busy!” Or have you ever caught yourself saying, “I don’t have time for exercise, or I don’t have time to prepare meals?”  The truth is, being healthy isn’t always convenient, it does take time and effort, and many of us have unrealistic expectations about how it should happen. We often expect most things in our life to be convenient, quick, and easy.  In fact we have been somewhat trained to expect convenience. Our world revolves around convenience. We have access to most all of our needs and desires at the drop of a hat! We can send an email in seconds, we can search a topic online and have millions of answers in seconds, we can text a friend at any moment and get an immediate response, and we can get fast food or a latte in minutes! See what I mean, we have been trained to expect our needs to be met instantly!

As for our health unfortunately it does not work that way. We need to come to terms with the idea that being healthy requires prioritizing and making time for the necessary elements that lead to optimal health. We have to realize that if we want to be healthy we have to make ourselves a priority and that is not always convenient. We have to make time for exercise, grocery shopping, meal prep, and sleep. Many of these things are not as convenient as going to the nearest fast food restaurant. However, the sooner we accept the idea that being healthy is not always convenient the sooner we can start making a way for ourselves to achieve our health goals. Don’t get me wrong if there are aspects to your health routine that you can make more convenient, go for it!

Instead of relying on convenient circumstances to work out and eat balanced meals, make it your lifestyle to do so.  If it’s difficult for you to find time to cook during the week prepare ahead by cooking for the week on Sunday. Another convenient way to eat right is to always keep healthy snacks on hand or even cooked chicken in the freezer that way you can heat it up and add it to a salad or add one of your favorite healthy sauces to it. If you’re on the road a lot, pack a cooler with food and water so you’re not tempted to go through a fast food joint. Block out a half hour in your day for a workout and stick to it. Instead of watching your favorite show on the couch with your friends or family, record it and go work out together instead. Make healthy living a part of your daily routine and it will become your lifestyle.

Written by Cassie Kinson

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