February 8, 2013
You are a Fitness Superhero

You Are a Fitness Superhero

You are amazing, because you amaze others (and yourself) with your physical accomplishments. You are awesome, because you inspire awe. You are a role-model, because others look to you as a leader. You are a superhero.

You may not feel this way or truly believe it, but these remain to be facts. Think about it: if you lose weight, be it 10 or 100 pounds, there are many people around you admiring your accomplishments. You inspire them. You amaze them. You become their role model. These individuals become your fans. They mention how great you look. They ask how you are feeling. They ask what you did to make a change. They ask how they can do it too. It is these folkswho provide the positive reinforcement we need. These individuals may be a part of your family, friends, and co-workers. They become your support network. Even superheroes need a support network. Where would superman be without Lois Lane, Spiderman without Mary Jane, or Batman without Alfred (yes, Alfred… not Robin)? You may be incredibly strong willed and intrinsically motivated, but you still need a positive support network. Why? Because on your journey you will run into Health Villains.

What is a Health Villain? You know when you tell your friend you are eating well but she tries to get you to eat cake?... Health Villain! Or when you are proud and looking great after your weight loss and a co-worker makes a snide comment about how you should lose more weight?... HEALTH VILLAIN! These people are all around you. Whereas your fans will be inspired by you, Health Villains will disdain you. They hate the way you make them feel. Your awesomeness makes them feel lazy, pathetic, and sad. To them, your success and greatness makes them feel inadequate, and they will battle these feelings by trying to bring you down. So how do you handle a Health Villain? What is their kryptonite? Laughter. Laugh right at their face with pity in your eyes. That’s right, when someone says, “oh what, you're too good to have cake now?” You just laugh… laugh at them and say, “Cake ruins me. I see it ruins you too.” You may not want to be that blunt with your loved ones, and some more tact may be required, but you get the point. Do not let other people’s insecurities hold power over your determination. Does Batman stop fighting crime just because the Joker tries to stop him? Heck no! He owns up and gets it done

Unfortunately some of our closest friends are health villains. Sometimes, it can even be a spouse. They will make little comments that dig deep. They will try to pacify you with food. They will say they support you but will act differently. These are tough situations to handle, but you must address them. Your life depends on it. Your health depends on it. And you quality of relationship with that person depends on it.  

Be strong, Superheroes. Stick with your supporters and get the Villains out of your inner circle. But you know what?... Every hero needs a villain to defeat. Defeat yours with massive success!

Written by Clark Masterson

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