February 1, 2013
Super Bowl Workout of Doom

Are you watching the Super Bowl? Are you sacrificing a workout so you can sit in a recliner to cheer and yell at a TV screen? Have no fear, sports fans. You can watch the big game, laugh at funny commercials, AND get in some exercise in. There is no need to sacrifice a workout… I will teach you how to get in a lot of reps and make your muscles work while enjoying the game.

First off, do not wear jeans during this event. You will be moving throughout the game, and sweating in jeans is much more uncomfortable than sweating in active wear. During the game, you will be looking for cues. This could be a fumble, touchdown, or even a Doritos commercial. We will establish our cues very soon. When a cue occurs, you with then perform the associated
exercise. For example, we could create a rule that every time the quarterback throws the ball, you have to do 100 squats (please don’t… this is just an example). After we set our cues and exercises all you have to do is follow along and be aware! Below we will create three different workout games depending on how intense you want to be:

Workout 1 – Pigskin Pump (for a little burn and a little sweat)

  1. Touchdown = 25 squats
  2. Field Goal = 10 pushups
  3. Doritos commercial = 25 jumping jacks
  4. Bud-Light commercial = hold a plank for the
    duration of the ad.

Workout 2 – Super Bowl Blitz (more work but nothing crushing)

  1. First Down = 15 squats
  2. Sack = 25 pushups
  3. Touchdown = 20 pushups
  4. Food commercial = 15 burpees (go from a standing position, drop into a pushup, and jump back into a standing position)
  5. You laugh at a commercial = 15 squats

Workout 3 – Meathead Muscle Madness (not for the faint of heart)

  1. Running play = 5 squat jumps
  2. Pass completion = 5 pushups
  3. Touchdown = 5 burpees
  4. Field Goal = 20 split jumps
  5. Fumble = 100 bicycle crunches
  6. Every time you see food or drinks on TV = 5 sit-ups
  7. Halftime = run around the block

Choose your workout and stick with it! Look for your cues so you can perform the recommended exercises!

Written by Clark Masterson

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