February 26, 2013
Quick & Easy Dinners

Pre-formed burger patties come in many styles. Some are fresh, some frozen. They range from vegan to wild game meats.  Bonus to using burgers: convenient, tasty, quick & easy dinner options.  Just keep an eye on sodium and fat (you do want this burger to be tasty and healthy). 

Here is a sample weeks’ worth of burger-based quick & easy (and healthy!) dinners:

Note there are starchy side suggestions, for enjoying your burgers and bun.  Feel free to swap the starch for fruit and enjoy the burger on a whole grain bun instead!


  • Salmon burgers   (like Trident brand)
  • Suggested sides:
    • Sweet potato fries, baked alongside the salmon burgers with paprika and cinnamon
    • Asparagus, baked alongside the salmon burgers with garlic and lemon zest


  • Turkey burgers  (like Costco’s Kirkland brand)
  • Suggested sides:
    • Brown rice
    • Spinach salad with chopped walnuts, fat-free feta cheese and strawberry slices


  • Bean burgers  (like Morningstar Farm’s Chipotle Black Bean Burgers)
  • Suggested side:
    • Tex-Mex salad with chopped romaine, diced chicken breast, low-fat mozzarella cheese, tomato slices, roasted corn and mango salsa


  • Lean Hamburgers  (like Kroger’s 93% Lean Ground Beef Patties)
  • Suggested sides:
    • Cooked green peas
    • Pan-seared broccoli and tri-color bell peppers with red pepper flakes


  • Veggie burgers  (like LightLife’s Backyard Grill’n Burgers)
  • Suggested sides:
    • Top burger with low-fat cheese (if you eat dairy) for protein boost
    • Grilled corn cob
    • Celery, carrot and cherry tomato crudite with light ranch


  • Chicken burgers (like AmyLu brand Caramelized Onion Chicken Burgers)
  • Suggested sides:
    • Quinoa & wild rice blend
    • Spring salad greens with diced onion, sundried fresh (not canned) tomatoes and olives


  • Fish burger  (like Mahi-Mahi Burgers)
  • Suggested sides:
    • Potato wedges with extra virgin olive oil and Italian herbs
    • Tomato, cucumber and red onion sliced salad with balsamic vinegar

Rotate a burger into your weekly menu for a quick & easy, yet still healthy dinner option. Enjoy!

For more recipe ideas make sure to check out our recipe page here.  

Written by Erika Brown



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