February 25, 2013
Help Keep Away the Winter Blues: Staying Active

There are many factors that contribute to some people feeling “the blues” more often in the winter. One of those reasons is that we are not as active. This makes it more difficult to keep our endorphins high. Although it is beginning to stay light later in the evenings, the winter weather continues. In the spring those of us in the Pacific Northwest seem to be more motivated to get outside and get moving. But what can we do to mix up our exercise routine when it is blustery, cold, and raining? One option is to get out there anyway, but for the rest of us who are not as brave, here are a few ideas of how to keep active and our “feel good” hormones higher during the winter months:

-Downhill or Cross Country Skiing
This is a great time of year to find powder on the slopes. Take advantage of the cold weather while we have it.

-Indoor Rock Climbing
Check out REI or Stone Gardens in Ballard or Issaquah for a comfortable and dry place to scale up a giant rock.

-Ice Skating or Ice Hockey
Though it can still be chilly, you can warm up by skating in circles (or mastering your tricks) at an indoor or outdoor ice rink.

-Dance Classes
PRO Sports Club offers Zumba, and So You Think You Can Step. However, there are many dance studios in our area that teach Salsa, Swing, or even the Waltz! View PRO Sports Club Class schedule here.

There are many places to do this nearby. From Seattle/Bellevue it is a short drive to the snow at Stevens Pass or Snoqualmie Pass.

-Basketball/Racquetball/Tennis/Indoor Soccer
PRO Sports Club offers competitive leagues and drop in play for all of these fun indoor sports. As a bonus, you get to interact and socialize if you choose! View PRO Sports Club’s Athletics and Fitness for schedules and team information here.

PRO Sports Club in Bellevue offers five state of the art pools. Another benefit is that they are heated for those chilly days! View pool schedule and class offerings here.

-Sledding or Inner-tubing
There are many places to do this nearby. From Seattle/Bellevue it is a short drive to the snow.
Keep warm outside by speeding down a snowy hill. Work up a sweat when you climb back up to do it again!

-Xbox Kinect
Get exercise without leaving the comfort of your living room and have fun at the same time.

-Indoor Roller Skating
Strap on a pair of skates and head out to a roller rink for a great and active time.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Please feel free to let us know if you have any favorite ways to stay active. We would love to hear from you!

Written by Lauren Crockett

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