December 26, 2012
Curb Holiday Craving "Hangovers"

The traditional "hangover" leaves us feeling lethargic, thirsty, hungry and in general out of sorts. After a few weeks of holiday events, "BLT"'s (Bites, Licks and Tastes), abnormal sleep schedules and the family "craze", the holidays can leave you feeling equally wacky. Remember these key nutritional tips to start feeling more energy and less cravings more quickly:

  1. Meal track: keep yourself aware of how much you've eaten and when
  2. Mind protein: include protein (unless on a protein-restricted diet from your RD or physician) at every meal and snack
  3. Space out meals and snacks: reduce the cycle of eating 50% or more of your calories at one meal by reverting back to a healthful breakfast, lunch and snack routine
  4. Hydrate: keep your water bottle nearby and use it often
  5. Switch to fruits and veggies: give your taste buds the flavor they desire, while minding your waistline by using more naturally lower-cal fruits and veggies vs. less sweets and refined breads/snacks 


Stick with your routine and you'll be feeling better soon!

Written by Erika Brown

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