October 1, 2012
You’re in 20/20 Now, “Bring on the Sweat”

It's week 2 of your 20/20 program, and you have noticed that you are starting to sweat more than you ever have before, and you are not sure if you like it. If you are wavering around this decision, I am here to tell you that you should - like it, that is.
Sweating is an entirely necessary bodily function, and even more crucial for your success in the 20/20 Program. When you exercise, your body temperature increases, which in turn activates your sweat mechanism to cool you down. Sweating is our body's main mechanism of cooling itself during exercise, accounting for 80% of our total heat loss. At rest our body's temperature is about 99 F, while during exercise, our body temperature can exceed 104 F. Although this increase in body temp favors our muscular system, it can have adverse affects on our nervous system, thus our body must regulate our internal thermos by sweating! Death occurs at a body temperature of 108 F above; Without sweat your body would surely overheat.

It has been shown that the magnitude of sweat production is proportional to the rate of energy expenditure, thus, if you're sweating, then it most likely means you are working. It is also known that the more you exercise, the better fit your body becomes at cooling itself, meaning you will sweat more. On the flip side, an average individual exercising in hot conditions may sweat anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 L of water per hour - making rehydration all that much more important! (We'll touch on that in a later blog..)
The take home message here is: When you notice yourself sweating for the first time or sweating more than ever, give yourself a pat on that sweaty back- You're officially in better shape and there's proof that you've been burning those kcals to keep you on track with your program goals.


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