October 10, 2012
Watch the Weekends...Help your Weight

Many, if not most, of us have a different schedule Monday through Friday than we have on the weekends. This will often make our eating habits different as well - some feel the weekends are harder, some feel the weekends are easier. If you are trying to lose weight (or not gain), then watch out for the overeating on weekends. Weekends, of course, often present more social situations which can make it more challenging to eat well. A recent published study showed that people eat about 100 extra calories a day on weekends (on average) and the greatest increases were among people ages 25-35 AND those who are overweight. The study found that bigger breakfasts are usually the largest contributor to extra calories on the weekend. The study also found that while most people tend to alternate larger meals and smaller meals (i.e. larger meals followed my smaller ones, or vice versa), but this juggling act does not seem to work as well on weekends and holidays. So watch those weekends....those extra calories will add up.

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