October 17, 2012
Find Your Inner Calm-Stress Makes You Sick

Why it is so important for you to find your inner calm? Ever hear the term "Worried sick?" Well, there is actually science behind this. A study published in May in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that people with heart disease who were highly anxious had nearly double the risk of heart attack or death, as compared to people who were calm. The researchers also found that people who started out anxious, and became more anxious, were at the greatest risk. People who were anxious, but then found their inner calm, decreased their risk. The bottom line is that you should try to keep your cool when it comes to battling diseases like heart disease.

There are multiple ways to help you relax when you get stressed, such as numerous treatments, from acupuncture to massage, and classes such as Yoga or Tai Chi. Look into what is offered in your community so that you can find your inner calm.

Take time for yourself to help put your health back into balance. If you do not do it now, when will you ever get the chance?

If you would like more information on stress please view our stress video to learn how it can affect weight loss and some key coping mechanisms.

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