October 1, 2012
Bottle water is big!

Bottle water is big. But do you know what's really in that bottle? You've got to know the various terms that are on the label. Here's a rundown courtesy of our news partners at Consumer Reports:

Artesian: Water that comes from a well that taps a confined aquifer.

Mineral: Groundwater that has a minimum amount of dissolved solids.

Distilled: The water is boiled and then condensed to kill microbes and remove minerals.That's why the water has a flat taste.

P.W.S.: The abbreviation for public water source. In other words, tap water. Aquafina, one of the top selling brands, is municipal water.

A few other terms you should know:

Purified: Any water that has been treated to remove chemicals and pathogens.

Spring: Must come from an underground formation which flows naturally to the surface. The water must be collected at the spring or through a hole that taps into the aquifer.

By the way, Consumer Reports points out that the terms "glacier water" and "mountain water" are meaningless because they have no standard definitions.


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